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Antrax Technologies Pvt Ltd
Solutions   !
Design Engineers invent advanced systems from the ground up or integrate new technology and functionality into your current system. A drafting team renders detailed architectural and technical spec drawings that become the project blueprint, illustrating connections to specifying equipment.
Building the Environment   !
Project managers, installers and field service personnel install as a team - a team that knows what success looks like and what it takes to achieve it. All our field staff are appropriately licensed and certified for full compliance with local, state, institutes and corporate requirements.
Audio visual System Programming Services   !
Certified audio visual programmers create the code that ties an integrated AV system together and ensure smooth operation. They are experts in designing intuitive, user-friendly interfaces from complex technologies.
Creative Services for Digital Displays   !
It's a sign of the times that we expect more from digital signage displays. We need much more than a colorful billboard with a simple, static slogan or a screen with a loop that grows tired the second time around. We need fresh thrills or vital, real-time information or a story told that gets people thinking or buying. We can do that.
Projects & Consultancy   !
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